Theodore Roosevelt Women's Scholarship Association

Scholarships to local students have been a tradition at Roosevelt High School in Portland, Oregon since 1977-78 when the John and Mary Mock family bequeathed a large trust to male students. Interest from the principal is used for annual scholarships for men graduating from Roosevelt High School.

In 1984 the retiring principal, Bill Gray, made a request of the new principal, George Galati: “Make the girl’s scholarship a reality.” Over the following six years Galati spearheaded the funding for the women’s scholarship in an informal but substantive manner. Contributions came from many sources including: friends and alumni of Roosevelt, former and current staff of Roosevelt, the RHS Boosters, the North Portland Enhancement Committee, the Peninsula Optimists of North Portland and individuals and groups associated with the school.

The announcement of the Teddy Roosevelt Women’s Scholarship and the initial Board of Trustees occurred on October 26,1990 at a special assembly of the Roosevelt students to honor both the birthday of President Teddy Roosevelt (October 27, 1858) and the young women at Roosevelt High School. At the time the fund totaled $24,000. Because of generous donations from the community it is now over $275,000. The trust is administered by the TRWSA Board.